About us


Over the past decades, Vandeputte has evolved to become a trendsetter in industrial safety and well-being, initially in Belgium and later also in Europe. Today, more than 4,000 companies, from SMEs to multinationals, use Vandeputte to guarantee their safety.

The basis for our success is the way in which we have transformed our many years of experience and expertise - which includes the most diverse risks and sectors - into a personal approach.

The conviction that each person is entitled to the best and most comfortable protection at his or her workplace, has been at the core of our mission right from the start.

What drives us?
The passion for well-being at work.

What do we want to achieve?
To protect every person against potential health hazards at work while, at the same time, increasing their working comfort.

What do we have to offer?
An innovative, total concept consisting of personal protection equipment and services, tailored to humans and organisations.

What is our policy based on?
A sustainable and sound partnership with all our stakeholders and, first and foremost, with our customers, employees and suppliers.



As an expert in the field of safety, Vandeputte constantly strives towards excellence in safety and comfort, quality and environmental care.

Most departments within the organisation have already successfully completed the transition to ISO 9001:2015 several years ago.

Our ongoing commitment to better working conditions and a more environmentally friendly policy was rewarded in 2012 with ISO45001 and EN ISO 14001 certification. These are standards regarding integrated safety management and environmental policy.

Vandeputte has also demonstrated its commitment towards a more sustainable energy policy. For example, we have installed a total of 3450 m2 of solar panels on the roofs of our logistics centre in Puurs, and our head office in Boechout. These have a production capacity of 0.5 MW, and supply 95% of our annual energy consumption at these locations.

At Vandeputte, we work according to guidelines that we have included in various policy statements. Read our policy statements regarding quality, environment and well-being.


Our concern for excellent working conditions in the broadest sense of the word is intrinsic to Vandeputte's DNA. The high standards of safety and well-being that we endeavour to achieve with our customers, we also impose upon ourselves. We want to be a model company in every respect, where people feel at home and put their heart and soul into their work.

As an employer, we are therefore happy to offer the opportunity to report any breaches or observations here through the whistleblowing procedure.

As a knowledge-driven company, Vandeputte invests consciously in continuous skill development. Each year, we pay particular attention to vocational education and training. For example, our employees emerge as fully qualified Safety Experts and, in partnership with a wide range of customers, we help them to excel in many different areas.


The safety market is evolving rapidly. Safety regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, and increasingly international in character. Vandeputte follows these developments closely, and is evolving alongside them. This is why further development in an international context is an important goal. Only in this way can we offer economies of scale to our customers, without losing sight of the sensitivities of local markets.

Vandeputte continuously invests to keep abreast of market developments and meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Examples are the development of our e-business, further development of our proprietary brands such as Samurai and GSA, and the streamlining of our logistic facilities.


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