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The most suitable (protective) clothing package for your employees is not always to be found in a catalogue.

Which fabrics to choose, do you want a logo or label, what about the design, how do you get it all certified and where can I have the soiled clothes laundered?

Many questions which we will answer together with you during a challenging workwear project.

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Your benefits

Total solution

Together with you, we find the right workwear, taking into account all your requirements, risks present in the workplace, and the necessary levels of comfort.

We also take care of logo printing, apply the labels and take care of maintenance (collecting soiled and returning clean laundry) and the logistic flow.

Working together with real workwear experts

Not everyone has the knowledge to make the right decisions about fabrics and garments.

Our workwear experts will advise you on fabric, design, wearing comfort and collaboration with laundries.

You will be given recommendations on the number of collection rounds, the number of garments per person, and the average lifespan of the garments.

We work with a large number of independent suppliers. For you, this means a wider range of solutions.

Fitting sessions: always the correct size

One of the most common problems with workwear is finding the correct size.

This is why we always organize a fitting session, during which your employees can try on different garments. This avoids returns and all the additional extra administrative work which follows.

There is also the option to have sleeves or trouser legs lengthened or shortened.

A single point of contact

Excellent communication is key.

We take on the role of contact point (Single Point Of Contact) between you and all our suppliers. This means you only need to contact one person for all your questions during the workwear project.

Our strengths

An integrated approach with extra services Collaboration with workwear experts Understanding of your use and consumption

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