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Face Fit Testing

Performing a Face Fit Test is the ideal way to establish whether the respiratory protection being used fits the face properly.

Users often do not realise that they are wearing a mask that is not suitable for their face shape, or is incorrectly fitted or poorly maintained.

This is why it's important to have a Face Fit Test carried out.

We only perform a Face Fit Test on ‘tight fitting’ products such as dust masks, half-face and full-face masks.

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How does a Face Fit Test work?

During a Face Fit Test, the mask is connected to special measuring equipment. The equipment measures the particles inside and outside the mask.

The comparison of the measurement is an objective way to check the seal.

Every change of mask brand or model requires a new test. A new test is also recommended in the event of weight changes, and/or changes to the wearer’s face or teeth.

Want to know more? You can read all you need to know about face fit testing here.

Your benefits

A reassuring sense of security

To measure is to know

A face fit test is an objective measuring method. After a successful test, start work and feel safe.

Always the right mask

Every mask is different and each person is different.

It is possible that after a face fit test you will need a different mask due to your physical characteristics.

We visit you

Our Mobile Service has various masks on board, and we will visit you to carry out the tests with your employees.

Which masks can be face fit tested?

Dust masks

All brands and types

Half-face and full-face masks

For all masks fitted with a standard thread connector.

For masks by MSA, 3M, Moldex, Draeger en Honeywell uitgerust met een bojanet aansluiting.

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