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Laundry services

Correct maintenance largely determines the lifespan of your garments.

We work together with several laundries and advise on the best washing, drying and after-treatment processes, to ensure that the protective function of your clothes is preserved for as long as possible.

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Your benefits

All laundry is collected and returned

On the agreed day/s, the laundry service will collect the soiled garments.

At the same time, the laundered garments collected previously are returned and, if required, placed in the employees’ lockers.


Each garment is marked on the inside with a barcode, the name of the wearer and also the locker number.

This information consists of a unique code for each product, which makes it possible to establish how often a garment has been washed.

Repair service

We check the dry laundry for garments that require repair or replacement.

Repairs are carried out by the laundry or garment manufacturer.

Stock optimization

Based on the laundering process, you will receive a number of comprehensive reports from us:

  • Number of washes per garment
  • Number of washes per person
  • Number of garments in use per person
  • Popularity of collection days
  • ...

We analyze the figures for you and make recommendations to optimize the rotation and, as a result the stock levels.

CO2 washing

Sometimes, the traditional washing process is not enough to clean the garments thoroughly. Clean is not the same as “without any stains”, but it does mean “completely free of harmful substances”.

With CO2 washing, the garments are cleaned or decontaminated using liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid CO2 penetrates into the deepest fibres of the textile, releasing and disposing of the most harmful and toxic particles. The entire procedure takes approximately 72 hours.

When the cycle is finished, the garments are completely free of toxic substances. This method restores the functionality of the garments, which is also guaranteed in the long/er term. For example, ensuring that the visibility of retroreflective strips or fluorescent colours on high-vis garments is restored.

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