Personalise your ordering suite

Adapt your ordering suite to your company and create a unique ordering experience for you and your employees.

Manage your users

Register your employees on our platform and use several great functionalities:

  • Set which products or information is visible to your employees.
  • Decide which products may be ordered.
  • Split your users into user groups according to the departments in which they work and link them to the appropriate cost centres.

Manage PPE usage within your organisation

Set budgets on the basis of simple or combined budget rules. Link them to a period, product, product group, users or user groups.

Let's say you want to ensure that employees from department X can only order up to EUR 100 in foot protection within one year.

That is totally possible!

Implement your approval flow

The procedures and guidelines within your company can also be respected on

Have orders approved, if necessary, before they are sent on to Vandeputte.