Custom foot protection

50% of people experience foot problems or wear the wrong work shoes. Over 80% even wear the wrong size.

That's why choosing work shoes is a big challenge.

You have to take into account environmental factors, comfort and the wearer’s personal characteristics.

We steer employees with foot complaints towards the perfect work shoes (made-to-measure).

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Your benefits

Fitting session: reduce the risk of incorrect deliveries

Avoid size inaccuracies by charting all employee sizes in one session.

During a fitting session, we present various models, and your colleagues are given the opportunity of trying them on to find the correct size.

Personal consultation

We carry out the work shoe fittings for employees with foot complaints at your place of work. Here we determine the width and fit of the shoe.

We assist them in their choice, and provide tips for the correct use and maintenance.

Orthopaedic solutions

The problems can't be solved but you still need an orthopaedic solution?

In this case, we will work with certified insoles or we adapt the work shoe by, for example, raised heel or insteps.

Attention: making orthopedic insoles or adjusting your safety shoe is only possible if the employee has a prescription from an orthopedist.