Pharmaceutical industry

Protective equipment designed to limit contamination to the product- or research process

Disposable clothing

This clothing acts as a filter that prevents particles from spreading.

Hand protection

The most suitable gloves for fine work in the pharmaceutical industry that protect the hands and the product being handled.

Foot protection PH

Safety shoes suitable with a hygienic shank. Easily washable, reducing contamination.

Face protection

Autoclavable face shields and goggles specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry and cleanrooms

Respiratory protection

Products suitable for protecting wearers from dust particles and/or gas. For both short-term and long-term use

Fall protection

Fall protection suitable for jet entry into confined spaces, which is easy and comfortable to use


Gas detection that is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Provide timely warning of possible oxygen deficiency or excessive concentration of hazardous substances.

Hygiene and skin products

Always ensure clean and non-contaminated hands when manufacturing and manipulating critical products.

Emergency showers and eyewash

To minimise chemical burns and/or contamination in the event of a large spill of hazardous products in the eyes and/or on the body.

Management of hazardous substances

Limit collateral damage by preventively containing or safely disposing of a possible spill of hazardous products.