E-procurement: Order your safety equipment online

Ensure the smooth procurement of your most important protective equipment by using our various e-commerce solutions.

E-procurement via vdp.com

Vdp.com is the most complete management platform for safety equipment, for any organization that wants to keep employees working safely.

The platform helps and relieves you to provide employees with personal protective equipment in an efficient, conscious and insightful way.
his allows them to work even more safely.

You manage and order your proprietary product range. You also manage users and budgets so that you have full control over all purchases.

The extensive reports and the dashboard provide insight and stimulate organizations to get to know their safety process even better.

We are also happy to share our expertise with you online. The following themes are regularly updated:

  • Market information & developments in legislation

  • Innovation in the field of personal protective equipment

  • Detailed product information and technical documents

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PunchOut catalogue/OCI

Managing and purchasing MRO equipment often takes more time than is desirable. A PunchOut catalogue makes managing this unnecessary.

From your ERP system, you are directed to the supplier’s web catalogue. There, you will find only the requested products which you can add to your shopping cart. Next, an order request is automatically created in your ERP package. The order request tracks the subsequent workflow of your ERP software.

Your benefits:

  • Uniform and up-to-date product information
  • Login from your familiar ERP environment
  • Existing approval and authorization flows
  • Efficient order entry

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Electronic Data Interchange

Via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you exchange electronic business documents such as orders, confirmations, invoices,... between your ERP and ours in a controlled and secure way.

These documents comply with standards, which is why EDI is only used for transactions which occur regularly.

Your benefits:

  • Document exchange within seconds
  • Optimal quality due to a lower margin of error.
  • Substantial time savings
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • Notification of shipment

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