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EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

Via EDI, you exchange electronic business documents in a controlled and secure manner.

A manual order process takes up a lot of time (decision, emailing the order, order entry, order confirmation). EDI does all this in under an hour.

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Your benefits

Save time

You don't have to enter your order (again).

Thanks to EDI, order lines on orders, delivery times and other important information are automatically forwarded.

Receive documents in no time at all

You’ll receive our order confirmation and delivery time within 3 seconds.

Reduce administrative work

Your stock is re-ordered without manual intervention. This reduces administrative work for your employees.

Guarantee better quality

Because of the automatic connection between your and our ERP system, there is a lower margin of error for deliveries and invoices.

Stay up to date on your orders

An automated notification is generated when the goods are dispatched. This keeps you informed about the status of your orders.

How to set up EDI with us?

Thanks to our extensive experience, we support various file formats and collaborate with several leading platforms (Ariba, Basware, Descartes, Tungsten,...). This enables us to optimize various transactions.

We communicate 5 message types:

  • Purchase orders
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes

in 23 different formats, including XML, EANCOM, EDIFACT, Idoc, .csv and Plain Text

via 5 communication channels: AS2, HTTPS, FTP, FTPs, SMTP.

Let’s meet

Why not contact us so we can give you some more information, and demonstrate how to integrate PunchOut into your company’s ordering process.

We will then transfer the file to the IT departments of both organizations and let them do the work. Couldn't be easier.

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