Your employees are your company's ambassadors. Nowhere is your company’s image more visible than through your employees.

Your company logo on workwear and safety helmets is the best form of advertising, and creates a strong corporate identity.

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Printing workwear

We print your company workwear: from simple T-shirts to work trousers to flame-retardant jackets. In small and large batches.

We use the highest quality printing methods:

Truflex S-transfers

Truflex S-transfers are ideal for flame-retardant and chemical resistant garments, due to their flame-retardant qualities and high resilience.

Variants such as reflective transfers, emblems, or name labels are also available.

Screen printing

Screen printing is used to apply the ink directly to the fabric for each colour used.

This method is very cost effective for large print runs.


Your logo is applied to your workwear with needle and thread. The result is exceptionally good.

This technique cannot be used on delicate fabrics or workwear with a waterproof membrane.

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Applying stickers to safety helmets

Your logo is applied to the helmet shell using a sticker.

Unlike conventional stickers, our stickers do not contain plasticizers which can affect the integrity of the helmet.

The stickers are UV-resistant and contain a transparent coating to make the product more scratch-resistant.

Printing ambulance garments

We also print the various Star Of Life logos in different colours.

For example, doctors will have a red Star of Life, nurses a green one, healthcare professionals blue, and ambulance workers in non-urgent transport a silver Star of life on their clothing.

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