Order safety equipment online

Order safety equipment for your employees in the blink of an eye.

Create personal product catalogues

Make your own product catalogues for you and your employees with a few approved products and prices. You can then order the products you need quickly and efficiently.

In your product catalogue, you can also:

  • Compare products
  • Consult availability
  • Add favourites
  • Filter on product features
  • Print a pdf catalogue
  • NEW! Set your ideal clothing size

See up-to-date product information

Review and download extensive product information.

We will ensure that you can find the most up-to-date technical specifications, conformity statements, photos and manuals.

Choose from various delivery methods

Choose from various delivery methods, that you can set yourself.

  • Delivery to one fixed address
  • Delivery to a predetermined location of your choice
  • Delivery to your employee's home address
  • Delivery in a Vandeputte distribution vending machine

You can link multiple addresses to your personal account and users.

Localise all your deliveries

Do your parcels sometimes go missing? We all have the same problem from time to time.

From the moment that your online order has been delivered, you can download the shipment note from our transporter.

Create quotes

Not yet decided whether to go ahead with the order or does the budget still have to be approved? Then you could create a quote.

Once you have decided to order the products, you can simply turn the quote into an order at a push of a button.