Gain insights into consumption

Obtain a better picture of products consumed, with comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Play with interactive dashboards and reports

Want to gain greater insights into your PPE package so that you can manage it effectively and make adjustments where necessary?

We can set up a few interactive dashboards and reports to help you analyse consumption:

  • Your most consumed products
  • Your most important product groups
  • Consumption per user and cost centre
  • Overall use
  • Consumption per delivery address
  • Order frequency

Dig deeper into your reportsn

Are you a big fan of data and want to really drill down into your reports? With a click of a button, you can export your reports to Excel for further analysis.

Plan tasks to automatically link to your mailbox

You can set which consumption reports you wish to receive and when these should be sent to your mailbox. Whether that is daily, weekly or monthly.