HookLock - the best solution for orderly storing PPE and tools

The HookLock, from our sister-company Solutions4Materials, is an innovative product that offers a solution for correctly and safely storing personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools.

The HookLock was developed in collaboration with a client and has been designed for ease of use. The functionality for hanging PPE was always paramount when designing this product. Thanks to the HookLock system, you can safely protect all hanging PPE or (heavier) tools against unauthorised use or even theft.

The unique design of the HookLock ensures that it is easy to store and safely lock up a wide range of safety equipment and tools. Here, you can see a summary of the materials this could involve, at a glance.

The hook has been designed to work with a broad range of PPE items, including harnesses, fall-blocks and other hanging PPE. However, tools or larger equipment can be hung here too. This makes HookLock a versatile solution for companies that wish to store various materials securely.


Sustainable and robust

The HookLock is made of sustainable materials and can tolerate challenging conditions. It is operated by our own software and must be used in combination with a Master-unit such as a locker or rotating dispenser.

Companies that use the HookLock can be sure that their PPE, tools and hanging materials will be stored correctly and safely. And you can easily see which materials are still in stock and which have been removed. The hanging concept also simplifies visual inspections and checks of the equipment, such as fall-blocks and harnesses.

The versatility of our HookLock means you can also mount it lower to the ground so that you can also store other (heavier) materials, including compressors, high-pressure washers, hand trucks, and so on.


The ideal solution

In short, the HookLock from S4M is an excellent solution for companies that need a safe and effective method for storing hanging PPE or larger items. The innovative design and sustainable materials make this a reliable choice for companies that want to focus on safety and efficiency.

Does the HookLock seem like the ideal solution for your working environment? Send us a message and we can have a chat!

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Technical specifications

Dimensions (hxwxd) 267 x 769 x 205 mm
Mains voltage 220V
Connection Internet via cable or 4G (SIM)
PC (master) Intel i3-4330TE / 4GB / SSD - 128 GB
Touchscreen (master) 19 inch / 16:9 / Multitouch
Maximum load 10kg / hook
Weight empty 20kg
Version Powder coated steel