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Installation fixed fall protection

Is there a risk of falls in your business, but have you exhausted all your options to eliminate the risk of falls? The safest way to work at height is to use permanent fall protection.

This is fall protection that is installed in a fixed position on roofs or technical installations. This way, your employees will always be able to work safely at heights.

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Your benefits


Customized advice

Every roof, every installation and every job is different.
During a visit to your premises, we will work together to find an effective solution that fully meets your needs.


Customized quote

We will provide a detailed quotation of the proposed solution.
Ready to start the project? Read through everything again and we’re ready to go!


Planning and implementation

Let’s do this! Choose a time for installation, and our professionals* visit to assemble the proposed solution/s.
All in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and with the necessary fine-tuning.

*Our people have received the required training and courses.


Technical file

After everything has been installed, we compile a technical file in which you will find all the information on the installed systems.
A separate inspection by the External Inspection Service [EDTC] is not mandatory. Only after each fall are you required to contact the External Inspection Service [EDTC] to arrange a technical inspection.
This file will provide you with sufficient information to use permanent fall protection.


Inspection and maintenance

A project is never finished without a follow-up for maintenance and inspections.
We will contact you annually for the mandatory maintenance to ensure that your employees always start their work safely.

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