Rotary type vending machines

The rotary type vending machine is suitable for distributing smaller PPE such as safety glasses, gloves, disposable garments, dust masks, filters,…

Link several together or combine with a locker unit and/or quicklocks.

When to use a rotary type vending machine

✓ Distribution of smaller PPE

✓ Collecting products

✓ Capacity from 126 to 468 compartments

✓ 15 inch touchscreen with industrial computer

✓ Secure access via personal badge, PIN code, or fingerprint

Technical specifications


Dimensions (hxlxd) 1870 x 1030 x 1030 mm
Mains voltage 220V
Connection Internet via cable or 4G (SIM)
PC (Master) Intel i3-4330TE / 4GB / SSD - 128 GB
Touchscreen 15 inch / 16:9 / Multitouch
Maximum load 330 kg
Weight empty 476 kg
Version Galvanised steel / stainless steel doors