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Distribution machines

The correct equipment available in the right place at the right time, whenever your employees need it. That’s the basis for Distribution Solutions.

We supply and install the vending machines at your place of work and guarantee total management.

Your employees can collect and return their own personal protection equipment at a time that suits them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Increase safety and availability

All registered employees have access to the equipment required to carry out their work at that particular time.

You want to set up restrictions? You can indicate by site, department, function or employee who can access which equipment and what the maximum budget is, in quantity or in euros.

Expand your systems

Due to its modular character, our solutions can be expanded to keep pace with your organization.

Expand your existing systems or integrate new developments.

Let us shoulder the burden

Do you need help or advice with your newly installed system?

Leave maintenance, replenishment, training and optimization of the stock entirely to us.

Invest in safety that pays for itself

How profitable is a distribution solution?

With a proven ROI, you are investing in a solution that pays for itself in both value and comfort.

For various departments

Your safety service

Reduce the risk of incorrect use of PPE by linking activities to products and users.

Show an instructional video or ask your employees a question before they collect their products.

Follow up the use per employee faster and provide an easier follow-up of maintenance-sensitive products.

Your supply chain and logistics

Accelerate the internal distribution of equipment by placing vending machines at strategic locations.

At any time of the day you have insight into stock, consumption per user and per product.

Your employees onsite

Unnecessary trips to a central warehouse is a thing of the past. Collect the safety equipment at the workplace and start the job immediately.

No more worries about whether you're using the right equipment. The vending machine will only dispense the right equipment for your specific application.

Automatic vending machines

All vending machines are modular and infinitely combinable. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Only your employees have secure access via a PIN code, badge or fingerprint.

User interface and software

All vending machines run on an identical user-friendly software module, which is fully developed and maintained by our own staff:

  • User interface for collection and return of products
  • Online management module
  • Online report tools

How does our software work?

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