Personal protective equipment for ambulance services

No intervention without the necessary personal protection. Protection for those who provide urgent medical assistance to victims on a daily basis and are ready to help in the event of life-threatening situations..

Paramedic clothing

Comfortable and functional ambulance clothing for medical emergency workers. Complies with the latest regulations. From T-shirts to soft shells and parkas.

Foot protection for paramedics

Tactical shoes with the best breathability will provide comfort on every shift. Available in low and high models made of high-quality leather or plastic.

Hand protection for paramedics

Selection of disposable and high quality puncture-resistant gloves for ambulance drivers and paramedics.

Head protection for paramedics

Safety helmets for emergency services. Available in various colours with different options. Highly suitable for technical emergency assistance.

Respiratory protection for ambulance services

Dust masks for interventions involving the release of harmful particles and air purifying units for use in toxic environments.

First aid material for paramedics

Evacuation chairs and stretchers for patients and first aid equipment for ambulance vans.

Signage for ambulance services

If you want to demarcate a danger zone you will need to use the correct signage. This overview of demarcation equipment includes demarcation tapes, cones and posts.

Cutting tools for ambulance services

Safety scissors and knives for use during medical interventions.

Gas detection for paramedics

If an intervention carries the risk of airborne hazardous substances, use a portable gas detector to detect harmful substances and bring your victims safely. Both single gas and multi gas detectors.

Eye rinse for paramedics

Diphoterine eye wash is available in bottles and aerosols. Neutralises chemical burns immediately.

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