Police protection

Personal protection equipment for police and intervention services. From tactical work boots to bodycameras.

Foot protection police

Tactical work shoes for police and intervention.

Hand protection police

Versatile gloves for police services and law enforcement.

cameras police

Compact cameras for police forces. Very robust and designed for professional use.

Violence management police

Violence control equipment and training suits for police and emergency services.

Respiratory protection police

Respiratory protection designed for police and military services.

Police clothing

Comfortable intervention clothing for police.

Police lamps

Drop-proof and water-resistant lamps developed for police forces.

Face protection police

Face protection for police and intervention.

Ear protection for police

Hearing protection suitable for police interventions.

Dismantling cannabis plantations

Discover the appropriate equipment for safely dismantling cannabis plantations.

Masters of Gloves: 2nd Skin Gloves

PZA handcuffs and handcuff holders


How to reduce your PPE budget by using vending machines

Other demanding industries and workplace applications

Discover how our expertise contributes to a safer workplace in the most demanding industries and applications.