Measurements at your premises

Do your employees need customized personal protection? Do you regularly hear complaints about shoes or safety glasses?

Based on a personal consultation, we take care of fitting your employees with corrective prescription safety glasses, otoplastics and safety shoes.

We will help you find the best solution. This will increase your safety, comfort and, above all, satisfaction.

Fitting corrective safety glasses

Anyone who needs corrective prescription glasses cannot simply wear regular safety glasses.

The ideal solution is safety glasses with corrective lenses. The wearer is then able see as clearly as with their usual glasses, and is fully protected against hazards in the workplace.

What is included?

  • Measuring pupil distance and height
  • Choice of various frames based on face shape
  • Choice of various materials
  • Advice on use and maintenance
  • Delivery by name

Otoplastics: custom earplugs

Otoplastics are customised hearing protectors that are produced from an imprint of the ear canal. They offer excellent comfort.

Our otoplastics have a filtered acoustic channel. The filter regulates when the sound is attenuated.

Moreover, you will be able to hear colleagues and remain in contact with your surroundings.

What is included?

  • 3D digitally produced
  • Optimal imprint guarantee
  • Choice of 12 different filters
  • Maintenance and after-care modules
  • Delivery by name

Custom work shoes

When choosing the correct safety shoes, it is important to take account of environmental factors, comfort and personal requirements, such as the width of your foot, the height of the instep,...

In most cases, it is possible to find a solution within the standard range of specialist manufacturers.

In exceptional cases, we work on the insoles, or modify the shoe (heel lift, high arches,...).

What is included?

  • Non-branded range
  • Measuring and fitting both feet
  • Individual advice and guidance
  • Digital foot scan


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