Metal processing

The risks in the metal sector are very broad, including cutting risks, fire hazards, exposure to harmful substances, ....  
We have listed the right PPE for the most important activities here.

Melting and casting

Metal casting is a common technique in industrial environments. The high temperatures of molten metal pose specific risks.

Welding and grinding

Welding and grinding are indispensable techniques for machining and joining metals. Unfortunately, they are also associated with specific risks: heat, sparks, welding fumes,...

Painting and coating

Working with paints and coatings involves several risks including exposure to chemical vapours, risk of ignition and mechanical hazards.

Working at height

Welding at height is a specialised task. It requires not only skill in welding, but also attention to the fall risk posed by the location.

The health risks and respiratory protection for welding work

Protect yourself against the hazards of welding fumes and prevent the health risks with the correct respiratory protection, suitable for welding work.

The hazards of spray painting and coating

Discover the potential risks relating to spray painting and coating, learn about health risks and environmental issues, and which measures can be taken.

When is flame-retardant fall protection indispensable?

Discover the importance of flame-retardant fall protection when carrying out welding and grinding work at height: protection against sparks and weld spatters.

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