Prescription safety glasses

For anyone who needs to wear glasses, standard safety glasses are useless. A pair of overspectacles is a good temporary solution, but not sufficient if you need to wear safety glasses on a regular basis.

What's more, there's nothing more annoying than glasses that keep sliding off your face or causing irritating pain.

Once you choose prescription safety glasses you know that everything fits, is comfortable and is adapted to the risks at work.

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Your benefits

Personal fitting

During a personal consultation, we will take care of the fitting of your new prescription safety glasses. An expert in face protection will visit and carry out all personal fittings for your employees.

This can be either at your premises, or you can use a voucher to visit one of our partners.

Non-branded range

You choose the safety glasses you want to wear.

Our range is brand-independent and, because of the extensive choice of frames, lenses and coatings, you will be wearing safety glasses that are suited to the prevailing risks.

A structured follow-up

We have a very structured system for planning and following up on the fitting process.

This keeps you up to date and enables you to view the history of all fittings per person.

This way, you avoid unnecessary fittings in the future.

Service points

What if your employees can’t be present at the fitting?

They will receive a voucher which they can use to visit a partner in their neighbourhood. Whenever it is convenient for them, and taking into account your selected products.

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