Custom hearing protection: otoplastics

Machinery in operation, rolling conveyor belts and beeping alarms. These make a production environment loud and unpleasant. Noise levels in some workplaces can exceed 100 decibels.

Noise can be dealt with at source, but often this won’t lead to reduction in noise levels below 80 decibels.

Otoplastics give your employees (almost) perfect protection without sacrificing comfort.

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What are otoplastics?

Otoplastics are custom-made earplugs that are produced based on an impression of your ear canal.

They have a small channel into which we fit a special filter that determines the correct level of attenuation for your environment.

Your benefits

Personal fitting

During a personal consultation, we will perform the fitting for your otoplastics. An expert in hearing protection will visit and take your employees’ personal measurements.

This can be either at your premises, or you can use a voucher to visit one of our partners.

Optimal sound attenuation

The filter determines the correct attenuation.

We help you select the right type, the right filter and give you maintenance and usage tips.

Maintenance and aftercare

Choose from several maintenance modules, or have a leak test performed to be 100% certain about the correct hearing protection.