Protective equipment for forestry and chainsaw work

Using a razor sharp chainsaw? Risk of falling branches? Always wear the right protection to prevent workplace accidents.

Chainsaw clothing

Cut resistant chainsaw jackets, chainsaw trousers and leg protectors for professionals and beginners. They offer protection against unexpected chainsaw swings.

Chainsaw helmets

Protect yourself against flying debris, bits of wood and falling branches with our chainsaw helmets. Safety helmet, ear muffs and face screen combined.

Chainsaw gloves

Our chainsaw gloves are available in different classes with a steady grip and good water resistance. Suitable for all outside activities.

Chainsaw boots

Choose waterproof chainsaw boots to prevent the penetration of sharp objects. They offer best protection against the razor sharp chain saw.

Forestry hearing protection

Prevent hearing damage with the right hearing protection such as ear muffs or ear plugs.

Forestry face protection

Our mesh face shields protect your face against flying pieces of wood and dirt. Goggles are more suitable for smaller gardening work.

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