Inspection and maintenance of emergency showers

Why have your emergency shower inspected?

Good maintenance increases the usability and reliability of your emergency shower. This way it remains reliable and safe for your users.

To comply with EN 15154 and ANSI 2 358.1 standards, you must carry out a weekly inspection and have your showers serviced annually.

In short,

  • It is a legal requirement.
  • You instil confidence by keeping your showers reliable.
  • You avoid additional risks, such as blockages or legionella.

Request your inspection of the emergency shower

A controlled procedure

During an inspection of your emergency shower, we follow through some standard procedures.

  • Visual inspection of the emergency shower
  • Inspection of the flow rate (flow per minute)
  • Adjustment of the water jet
  • Correct operation of the valves and electronic components
  • Registering the emergency shower by means of the label
  • Descaling and disinfection

All emergency showers receive an inspection sticker, and you receive a comprehensive test report of the work carried out.

We'll automatically notify you when it's time for the next inspection.

At your premises

We always carry out maintenance on an emergency shower on site.

The duration and maintenance method depend on the type and condition of the shower.