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Vandeputte does not just want to be a distributor sending parcels from A to B, but rather a partner that focuses on customer-oriented solutions.

Investment in safety must always pay for itself in the long term, both financially and also by providing a greater degree of well-being and productivity.

In addition to advice on product selection, our services also include recommendations on organising ordering processes, stock management, internal distribution processes, deployment of resources, specific training for users, maintenance and inspection, etc.

Fitting protective equipment

The right protective equipment, tailored to your employees' requirements, without unnecessary costs.

Either at your premises, or at our partners’ location.


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Optimize your safety procedure

You can come to us for a complete analysis of your safety process, and to gain better insights.

Our Return On Safety method ensures that you realize an optimal return on your investment in safety.

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Extend the lifespan of your products

By regularly maintaining your PPE, you will extend its lifespan and contribute to maintaining general hygiene.

We can carry out the following maintenance services for you:

Respiratory protection

Fall protection


First Aid

Emergency showers and eye-washing

Portable gas detectors

Face fit testing

A face fit test is the ideal way to establish whether the respiratory protection being used fits the face properly.

The face fit test checks correct sealing of the mask to the face.

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Have your company logo or slogan printed on your company workwear or safety helmets.

Your company logo on workwear and safety helmets is the best form of advertising, and creates a strong corporate identity.

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Laundry services

Correct maintenance has a great impact on the lifespan of your garments.

We work together with several laundries, and can advise on the best washing, drying and after-treatment processes.


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