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Installation of emergency showers

Even when a company has taken all possible preventive measures and makes the correct protective equipment available to its employees, it is still possible that they are injured by dust particles in the eyes or aggressive liquids.

It is at moments such as these that it is essential the employee is treated as quickly as possible and in the right way.

We can support you in the development and implementation of an emergency shower that is able to treat chemical and thermal burns as quickly as possible.

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Customized advice

Do you know the number of units to be installed, and do you want to have all the technical details checked (e.g. required boiler capacity, water pressure, risk of frost damage,...), in order to establish the most suitable configuration for your organisation?

Then you have come to the right place. We are pleased to submit a proposal for the entire installation.

Delivery and installation

Depending on the emergency shower, we will handle the delivery and installation, in cooperation with our specialist partners, who are also VCA approved.

Renting temporary showers

Some workplaces are temporary and mobile, and have no water supply.

You can easily rent portable tank or trailer showers.


An installation is never really complete without the right maintenance and inspection.

Did you know that according to European standards, every installation must be tested weekly? You can carry out these tests yourself, but regular maintenance is also required.

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