Corporate Social Responsability

To Vandeputte, corporate social responsibility means giving something back to society.

Simply giving money is too easy: we want to make the world a safer place. The challenges, as incorporated in our CSR policy, are mainly in the implementation of objectives and actions.


Greening our commuter traffic is a wonderful, nice-to-have concept. Smart logistics coordination with customers, facilitating circular enterprise, and offering sustainable, innovative services are must-haves.

The Vandeputte CSR statement is not something we implement by ourselves. We need to involve you: our customers, suppliers, and our employees.

how do we put this into practice?


Our CSR policy focuses on 5 pillars. The selected pillars are based on themes from the GRI standards, SDGs and ISO 26000 and are linked to these:



Vandeputte is a family business with over 70 years' experience, and resolving issues is something we do together. Our employees are given the resources and then reflect on the ideas.

In addition, we actively stimulate the safety culture in other companies. Have you seen our latest motivational campaigns?

Would you like to receive updates of the latest safety videos and tutorials, or would you prefer to participate in The Safety Summit, the ultimate event for safety at work?


Some of our goals

  • By 2020, our employees will have completed a minimum of 300 hours of charity work per year

  • Every year, Vandeputte develops awareness-raising campaigns about well-being and safety at work.

  • By 2020, the biennial Safety Summit will have at least 800 participants.

Happy People



Everyone is an entrepreneur, and with that ambition all Vandeputte employees contribute to achieving our aspirations: Protecting 1 million people at work, each and every day! The aim of ‘Happy People’ is to create a safe workplace, where our employees can fully develop their careers.

71% of all employees already participate in communal campaigns and project groups.

In addition, we organise yoga sessions, personal sports programmes, and we aim to win the ‘FIT BUSINESS’ title by 2020.

Some of our goals

  • By 2020, we will measure the mental resilience of our employees every two years, and the results will be more positive when compared to 2018.

  • By 2020, all employees will receive an average of 3 training days per year.

Fair Chain

Fair Chain stands for doing business while respecting people and the environment. Together with our suppliers, we are building towards a fair chain. This requires a sustainable and transparent purchasing plan.

Our own GSA and Samurai brands will also be subject to sustainable selection criteria. As a result, by 2025, at least 15% of suppliers of all goods purchased under our proprietary brands will meet the set criteria.

Some of our goals

  • By 2020, we will have defined and scaled all active suppliers based on the selected sustainability KPIs.

  • By 2020, 15% (quantity) of our products in the active portfolio will be circular or sustainable.

Green Distribution

We are continuously striving to improve our environmental performance. Safety regulations are becoming increasingly rigorous and universal.  By becoming more efficient in the use of our resources, we aim to reduce waste and emissions.

Vandeputte has issued policy statements in the areas of environment, well-being, and quality. This is to guarantee our compliance.

Some of our goals

  • By 2020, the relative energy consumption will remain unchanged compared with 2017.

  • By 2020, all locations will be fitted with solar panels.

  • By 2020, Vandeputte is committed to formulating a measurable target for the use of recycled and/or certified packaging materials.

We Do Care!

We guarantee products and services that relieve our customers of their concerns, but, above all, provide maximum protection. We increase safety, efficiency, and satisfaction by offering the right advice combined with the right Safety Services.

This guarantees a longer life for our products. User-friendly distribution units where you can collect and return your PPE, or CO2 washing technology to improve how clothing is laundered.

Some of our goals

  • By 2020, 30% of our product launches will be innovation-based.

  • In 2018, we aim to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

  • By 2020, we will also assess the importance of CSR among our customers.

towards a safer world!

CSR is embedded across Vandeputte's operations and strategy. We want everyone involved at Vandeputte to have a CSR experience.

If a company wants to remain in business tomorrow, it will need to adopt a sustainable working method.