• The safety process

The safety process

Every phase in the safety process has its specific obstacles and cost drivers.

Before concrete solutions can be provided, a thorough analysis of the safety process must be performed, not just to identify those obstacles and cost drivers, but in particular to expose their deeper causes.
In this way, Vandeputte always selects the most appropriate solution for the customer and the organisation ultimately invests where the greatest returns can be achieved.

An optimised safety process includes the following elements:

- an expertise-driven analysis and selection process
- solutions that combine safety and comfort
- guaranteed availability of the PPE and solutions in your core processes
- an authority that sets out the strategy, exercises the necessary control and measures results

Vandeputte has also developed a model that, on the basis of a number of specific questions asked of the various responsible persons involved in the process, quickly identify where measures may be necessary to achieve optimisation of the safety process.

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