Brand : Fall Safe
Prod. No. 1015184

Lanyard, 2 metre length, consisting of kernmantle rope of 11mm with integrated shock absorber. Fitted with one standard carabiner and a snap hook with a 65 mm gate opening. Serves as connection between anchor point and harness.

Price/pieces: € 84.63

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Vandeputte Safety


  • Brand
    Fall Safe
  • Single
    • Yes
  • Suitable for
    • Firefighters
  • Lanyard properties
    • Big hook
  • Material cable
    • Rope
  • Lanyard length
    • > 1,5 m
  • Lifespan
    • 10 year
  • PPE Category
    • III
  • EN 355
  • EN 354

Product numbers

Prod. No. Name
1015184 LANYARD 2M GO65 ROPE

Fall protection

Falling from a height is still one of the most common reasons for a fatal occupational accident.

When no collective protection equipment (e.g. balustrade or fence) can be used, it is necessary to secure the person with fall arrest harnesses, life lines, or fall arrest blocks. The building must also be equipped for this purpose. Just think of placing life lines and anchor points.

With us, you can choose from the best leading brands: Capital Safety, Protecta, DBI Sala, Skalt, 3M, etc.

Also remember that each fall protection device must be inspected at least once every 12 months or after a fall. You can also contact Vandeputte for a visual inspection and the maintenance and repair of fall arrest blocks.

In addition to personal fall protection, Vandeputte also installs fixed fall protection. You can contact us for railings, horizontal and vertical systems with cables or a rail, anchor points, etc.

It is often not possible to use a fixed installation at loading and unloading points where it must be possible to remove the anchoring point, at technical installations with a low drop depth or when servicing aircraft, trucks, or technical installations. In that case, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of a movable anchor mast or mobile ladder with anchor points.