Samurai, made by the expert!

Samurai, made by the expert!

Samurai, the brand from “The Expert in Safety”, is always looking for the best method of protection and therefore always guarantees a good dose of innovation in the world of personal protection equipment. With safety, comfort and ergonomics as essential factors, new technologies and raw materials form the basis for products with even better performance.

The symbol of our own brand is the stylised Samurai logo. This is no accident. After all, Samurai wants to reflect the qualities of the Samurai in terms of protection, organisation and flexibility.

Samurai essentially means “he who serves, he who protects”. This meant that holders of the title dedicated themselves to the community, with a primary purpose of guaranteeing its members' welfare.

The holders also displayed organisational talent by anticipating prevalent problems and deploying both social and scientific resources to combat them.

As the influence of the West increased, the Samurai demonstrated an increasing pragmatism in their flexible attitude to new situations and risks.

We not only want to propagate these qualities to our customers via our product range and services, but they are also our internal driving force.