Brand : Uniphos
Prod. No. 1028961

Measuring tube to use in combination with ASP-40 pump (1028962) to measure concentration.

Price/pieces: € 3.83

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  • Air quality test
    • Yes
  • Testing tube
    • Yes
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    • No PPE

Product numbers

Prod. No. Name
1028961 MEETBUISJE SHF-2 HF 0.5-30PPM

Gas detection

Anyone who works with gases or comes into contact with hazardous substances is at additional risk.

This makes detection equipment such as portable gas detectors and motion detection invaluable.

Single gas detectors only measure oxygen deficiency or a maximum of one toxic gas.

If you want to measure oxygen deficiency, a toxic gas, explosion hazard, or a combination of all three, you need a multi-gas detector.

You can contact us for BW, MSA, and Honeywell equipment.

To efficiently perform measurements in confined spaces, you also need pumps and measuring tubes.

Regular calibration and testing of your gas detectors is important. Use a docking station or contact us for maintenance.

There are man-down systems for those who work day or night, only in risky conditions. Our regular partners are Twig and Magneta.