Prod. No. 1023883

Mask in very comfortable and high quality EPDM rubber. Anti-vapour visor in polycarbonate with very wide field of view. Voice transfer occurs via the speech membrane that provides clear voice transmission. Double exhalation valve to keep exhalation resistance very low. The headband is easily adjustable, includes a carry strap for hanging the mask around the neck. Fitted with standard EN 148 threaded connection for filters or air hoses with matching coupling.

Price/pieces: € 93.40
All you need to know about face fit testing

All you need to know about face fit testing

A face fit test is the best way to check if tight fit respirators fit a user's face correctly. In this article you'll learn all aspects and how the test works.
NEW: 3M Versaflo BT63 and BT64 breathing tubes

NEW: 3M Versaflo BT63 and BT64 breathing tubes

Connect your 3M half masks and full face masks to Versaflo TR-600 en TR-800 PAPR


  • Brand
  • Catalogues
  • For filters
    • Standard thread
  • Material visor
    • PC
  • Propert. full face mask
    • Rubber
    • With speech diagram
    • With carrying strap
    • Full maintenance possible
  • NPF
    • 1.000
    • 2.000
  • Suitable for
    • Firefighters
    • Paramedics
  • EN 136
    • Class: 3
  • EN 148-1

Product numbers

Prod. No. Name
1023883 FULL FACE MASK TR-82

Respiratory protection

Gases, toxic fumes, oxygen deficiency, dust particles, and mists are not always immediately detectable, although they can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is very important to get advice from an expert when you suspect that there may be a risk to the respiratory tract.

This risk, together with the work to be carried out, will determine whether you can work with environment-dependent respiratory protection such as dust masks or half and full-face masks, motor units, etc.

When it is not possible to filter the air present, it is better to opt for environmental-independent breathing protection.  These can be air caps or masks that are connected to the compressed air network. When you need to be sufficiently mobile, it is better to opt for a self-contained system such as a compressed air device or an escape mask.

It is also important to know in advance which substance to ‘filter out’ and how much of it.
If that is the case, calculate the Nominal Protection Factor (NPF) and use it to select the right mask with filter.  Don’t know which it is in advance? Then you’ll need to opt for the ‘ABEK’ filters.

You will find all leading brands in our range: MSA, 3M, Moldex, Bartels, PureFlo, Honeywell, Scott, Avon, Spasciani, rsg safety, etc.

Did you find the right product?  Then it’s important to check that it fits your face. We do this at Vandeputte by means of a Fit test.

Lastly, you can also contact us for the periodic maintenance of your respiratory protection: refilling compressed air bottles, cleaning and maintaining full-face masks, maintaining and repairing lung vents and breathing apparatus, etc.