Flexible, chemically resistant PU sealing mat. Tightly seals off draingrates and prevents spilled liquids from draining away. As long as it iscleaned with a non-aggressive detergent, this mat is reusable. Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm.

Prod. No. 1004329
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    • Plastic
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    • Firefighters
    • Paramedics
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    • No PPE
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    • Flexible system

Product numbers

Prod. No. Name Customer prod. No.
1004329 PU CLOTH DRAIN 60X60CM

Management of dangerous goods

Storage, transport, and safe spill management are of great importance for the management of hazardous substances.

Flammable substances are stored in fireproof cabinets. Chemicals are stored in special cabinets for chemicals. We recommend Empteezy safety cabinets to store large lithium batteries. They are fire-resistant for 90 minutes and have a lithium extinguishing system.

Hazardous substances can be transported with safety cans or plunger cans in PE, steel, or stainless steel.

When it comes to spills, it is important to choose the right absorption and barriers.

You need white absorbents for an oil spill, green for chemicals, and grey for industrial liquids. Use cloths or pads on small surfaces. They also work well for leaking machines or taps.

Need absorption products for large surfaces? Then choose rolls, mats, or hoses from SPC.

You can also clean up spills safely with Trivorex granules.

Spill kits contain different types of absorbents for various uses.