Vandeputte helps to organize Tereos’ Safety days


This year, Vandeputte helped to organise the yearly Safety Days at our client Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe's in Aalst. Tereos Starch & Sweeteners is a large producer of corn starch and sugar syrups, which are used in food processing.

Dirk Vandeputte: Lessons from Entrepreneurs


In the spring of 2016 a new 'Ondernemers voor de Klas' (Lessons from Entrepreneurs) event is to take place; a project in which Flemish business leaders pass on their knowledge about entrepreneurship to students in their final year of secondary education.

01 june 2015: Are you ready for CLP?


As from 1 June 2015, all hazardous chemical substances and mixtures must be provided with a CLP-compliant label.

Automatic distributor enables SAINT-GOBAIN AUTOVER to save 25% on safety gloves


The Saint-Gobain Autover logistics centre in Bastogne houses the largest range of glazing for cars, HGVs and coaches in Europe. If your glazing needs replacing, there is a strong chance that your replacement will come from there.

Respirex CHEMPROTEX SC4: the preferred suit of the Belgian department of home affairs


Based on the results of a series of theoretical and practical tests, The Belgian service of home affairs preferred the SC4 protective suit, offered by Vandeputte