Prod. No. 1041893

Foldable stretcher with ground supports for patient recovery and transfer to a main stretcher or other transport device. Includes 2 restraint belts and 1 transportation bag. Length 2010 ± 10 mm Length folded 1000 ± 10 mm Width 480 ± 5 mm Ground clearance 140 ± 5 mm Thickness folded 170 ± 5 mm Materials Al, Steel,PVC Loading capacity 170 kg Weight 5,5 ± 0,3 kg

Price/items: € 149.60

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Vandeputte Safety


  • Brand
  • Type of transport
    • Scoop stretcher
  • Suitable for
    • Firefighters
  • PPE Category
    • No PPE

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First aid

First aid is a very broad concept, especially within an industrial environment.

As a basis, we always start from the materials needed to set up a first aid room or first aid station, such as plasters, compresses, scissors, tweezers, but also specific first aid cabinets and specific materials such as Hexafluorine and Diphoterine. Some of these materials are also used to fill first aid cases that are distributed within the company.

Vandeputte is also your partner for life-saving equipment on the water. We offer a wide range of life jackets (100N and 275N), as well as Solas vests and special vests for emergency services.

One aspect of first aid that has become increasingly topical in recent years is resuscitation equipment or AEDs. You can choose between fully automatic or semi-automatic AEDs, but you can also contact us for electrodes and other accessories.

Do things still go wrong? Then rapid and efficient immobilisation and evacuation is of vital importance. Vandeputte provides various evacuation chairs, ergonomic stretchers, and scoop stretchers for this purpose. Neck collars and splint sets are also available.

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