O51-R-1,55X22,5M WELDING CLOTH ROL 650°C

Welding blanket resistant to temperatures up to 650°C. Does not absorb any oil, grease or chemicals that would pose a fire risk. Blanket is waterproof/windproof. Spatters on the blanket only result in a minimal release of toxic and harmful gases, much less than all other welding blankets. Blankets do unravel after they have been cut, have a non-slip texture and a highly visible colour. Furthermore, the blankets are anti-static, UV and weather resistant, and have a high electrical insulation value. Are not deteriorated by mineral-based oils and chemicals and can be used in a large range of temperatures: from -40 °C to 180 °C. Washable with pressure or steam cleaner, and durable: last up to 3x longer. All these features make these welding blankets the safest and least toxic blankets available. All the test reports are available on request.

Prod. No. 1006432
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O51-R-1,55X22,5M WELDING CLOTH ROL 650°C
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  • Brand
  • Raw material
    • Glass fibre
  • Coating
    • Silicone
  • Heat resistance
    • Till 650 °C
  • PPE Category
    • No PPE

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1006432 O51-R-1,55X22,5M WELDING CLOTH ROL 650°C