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Vandeputte launches two new motivation campaigns

2015 ... a new year, a new start! Hopefully you have added working safely to your list of good intentions.

This year we will be reinforcing those good intentions with two new campaigns to make people think about the way they can protect themselves against the risks in the workplace.

Tool up and keep it safe!

Are you starting work on the shop floor? Then wear your safety shoes, goggles, ear muffs, ... where necessary. It sounds simple, but all too often this is still forgotten.

The purpose of the posters for this campaign is to make all employees aware that they must wear the correct personal protective equipment. Still need an extra reminder? All these safety messages are also available as a sticker (French and Dutch only, English cersions can be produced upon request.

Download the campaign here.

Health & Safety: not a matter of improvisation!

This campaign shows a number of employees who are fully convinced that they are properly protected against the risks surrounding them. But is this really the case?

Use the posters as a starting point for a dialogue on working safely. This is your contribution to ensuring that your employees start work fully protected against any dangers at work.

Download the campaign here.