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From now on, all our parcels go via GLS.

As from 1 October 2014, all our parcel deliveries will be handled by GLS. Previously, we worked with a number of different parcel delivery services to dispatch our packages and pallets. To further optimise the speed and quality of our deliveries, we have opted for a permanent partnership with one supplier, GLS.

Reliable partner

GLS is a major player in Europe, with operations in 37 countries. They are firmly established locally in Belgium, The Netherlands and France, which are our largest markets. Only dedicated drivers are used for each post code. As a result, all drivers are completely familiar with their own area and their regular delivery addresses, which drastically reduces the risk of delivery errors and which also enhances relations with our customers.


An added advantage is that one of the two largest GLS hubs in Belgium is located a mere 200 yards from our logistics centre: in Puurs, exactly halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. This saves a lot of time, and especially mileage. Over 60% of our packages are delivered directly to our customers from the hub in Puurs, without any further stops.



Location of our logistics centres in Puurs

Ecological choice

Alongside the location and quality of service, our decision to go with GLS is also an ecologically inspired choice. Cutting down on mileage obviously makes for a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Same as Vandeputte, GLS is a company committed to achieving the lowest possible environmental impact. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified. All GLS vans at least meet the EURO 4 emission standard. The hub in Puurs is also equipped with modern energy saving facilities, such as heat pumps and rainwater harvesting.

Some staff members visiting the GLS hub in Puurs.